Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Little Christmas Tree

I used the snowflake from the Accent Essentials cartridge, cutting the bottom one at 5 and half inches, then reducing the size by 3/4" for each subsequent cut. Use cardstock at 200 gsm or more to make it sturdy.
Punch a hole through the centre of each snowflake. The main stem is dowel, but a kebab stick would be easier as it is not so thick. Then roll and glue 1 inch wide pieces of card to go between each tier.
I cut 2 of the smallest size snowflake for the top and stuck them together, leaving enough room to fit on the point of the stick.
When it was all put together I sprayed it with photo mount adhesive and showered it, (and myself, lol) with glitter.
The holder is a candle votive, I pulled out the wick and inserted the dowel in the wax ( candle sand or Oasis works well too).
The whole tree can be unassembled for storing until next Christmas.


Cricutcrazywoman said...

This a beautiful Little Christmas Tree. I may have to lift it.

Enfys said...

Wow! This is simply amazing. How creative, and the end result is lovely.

~JulieH~ said...

This is stunning Eileen!

Scrapn Rme Yf said...

What a wonderful and easy idea. I just love it when crafters think outside the box.

Myra B. said...

How adorable!