Friday, 27 February 2009

My Beautiful Granddaughters

I am so proud of my granddaughters (they are cousins not sisters). The first layout includes a picture of Hannah taken last year. Hannah is at university in London studying art and design. She has just been selected out of 2,500 students for a degree course. Only 6 out the total students applying get on this degree course. She is a fantastic artist and I know she will do well. Congratulations Hannah.
The second layout features Sammy who is at present travelling the world. Sammy has just spent a month in Africa helping out at an animal reserve. She has posted several photos, on her Facebook travel site, where she is among the lions and they will make great scrapbook pages and I intend to make her an album for when she returns home. She is now in India for 2 months helping out at a school for young children and has seen the Taj Mahal among other wonderful sites. I am so proud that she has taken on this venture and wish her well in her travels.


Anonymous said...

the monochrome color scheme!

Silly Skittles said...

Beautiful layouts! I wish, I wish I could get as much done with mine! Thank you for visiting my blog today! Yes, I would be "that" SillySkittles...LOL! I'm so happy that people are still loving the skittle craze...I'm seeing a lot of new things being done with them and have also just seen the black and white thread on the Cricut board! Off to read more of your blog!