Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My first stamps cut with the Cricut

I finally took the plunge and cut some stamps using the Cricut stamp sheets. Firstly can I say you must have a really sticky mat or, as someone on the Cricut MB did, spray the back of the material with repositional glue otherwise the material will move, I managed to stop the machine before any real damage was done!!! The settings I used were Pressure - 4 -high, Speed - 3 med, and Blade depth 6 although it would have cut using 4 - or 5. The results were quite good, it cut like butter, but I made the mistake of putting the designs too near the edge of the material so the scallopped edges are not perfect. The flower was cut using the cuttlebug and a small Sissex Bigz flower die, so if you are too nervous to cut with your Cricut then use your dies as they were much easier. The shapes above will be useful as background stamps. I only bought the refill stamp material set so I only have one sheet left but I will definitely be buying more.


thefrugalcrafter said...

Im loving all the ideas! I have not tried the stamp material as reviews have been luke-warm and it is more expensive as buying clear stamp sets all ready made in the US. love the beer card too, was the acrylic you mention a transparency or something else? Love the liquid applique I'll have to try it!

"Um Buggin" said...

Great job on the stamps! I haven't had the nerves to try this. But since I like the regular stamps, I can wait. LOL TFS

Hugz, xx


craftaddict said...

Lyndsey, Sorry it was acetate not acrylic.