Thursday, 13 August 2009

Birthday Card for Rosy

Rosy is 40 today so she deserved a special card. The corset is a cut file for SCAL, it is a bit flimsy to get off the mat but worth the effort. My sister-in-law had recently shortened a prom dress and given me some of the satin that she had cut off so I thought it would be perfect for this dress. The badge is something I designed in Photoshop and it does have a pin on the back so it can be worn. I found a great file to use in photoshop for doing circular text, you just enter your own text and it is all set up for you.

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Scrappymax said...

Beautiful Eileen, I would love a dress like that and you must tell me how you did the circular text in photoshop as this is such a great idea, I will be making badges constantly lol.