Friday, 27 November 2009

Another Christmas Fair tomorrow!!!

It's been so busy these past few weeks preparing for the Christmas Fair tomorrow, and fulfilling orders, that I have not kept my blog up to date. Now I have a Card Party to do next week too so the pressure is still on.
Here is one of my Smiley Snowflake decorations that I hope will sell well. The snowflakes are made from foam and the faces are done with Peachy Keen stamps. Just finished making up some Snowman Soup packs tonight and have now got everything boxed and ready for tomorrow.
I wanted to upload a photo of my A4 Art Deco cards but my batteries in the camera need charging tonight so hopefully I can take the pics tomorrow.

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Enfys said...

Hi hun, the decorations are just gorgeous, glad to hear on the MB that the fair went well,
big hugs
En xx