Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My craft table at the recent Christmas Fair

Here are some of my goodies that I made for a Christmas Craft Fair that was held locally. It was my first time selling to the public and I was very nervous, would my prices be too high-too low, would people like my cards etc., On the day I was not nervous but excited and also glad that my daughter was with me. The weather started out really wet and windy but by lunchtime people began to arrive.

Unfortunately my table was down a corridor from the main foyer, in a seperate room which I shared with a lady selling leather handbags and another selling handmade recycled material patchwork pictures. I was tucked around a corner and think that a lot of people looked through the doorway, saw the bags and did not bother to come into the room. So the day wore on, I had a few customers but did not sell very much, however I did learn about other craft fairs that were worth considering for next year. To make matters worse I was told that the middle Saturday of the 3 was always the best one - I only booked a table for 2 Saturdays- guess which one I did not book!!! They have got me down as reserve in case anyone cancels and I do have the last Saturday to look forward to, although that is normally the most quiet one. Oh well, put it down to experience, at least I am not a craft fair virgin anymore,lol. I may have a table at a school Christmas Fair at the end of the month and am told I should do well there, here's hoping.


Scrappymax said...

Oh Eileen they look gorgeous and what a clever girl you are. At least it was a learning curve and you will know the procedure next time, where I know they will be clambouring for your creations.
Max x
PS. don't know where the time is going at the moment but I haven't forgotten that we will meet up.

Gina Thornton said...

Beautiful Eileen! Glad I didn't post picts of my table, you'd have laughed!!! :) My fair was slow as well. Not sure if it is the economy, or just the church we went to. Not a lot of traffic. But good practice for next time!!!